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Samsung Delays Galaxy Note 7 Relaunch

Sep 27, 2016

  • Early reports of the shoppers, who have had their phones replaced, indicate that the Note 7 remains facing batteryproblems. the problems ar being fixed as heating and quicker battery drain.
  • These problems came up in South Korea wherever the purchasers got their phones recalled last week. YTN news network reports that the shoppers face heating and battery drain problems. They aforementioned that even oncethe phone was obstructed in, it loses power quick.
  • As mentioned on ZDNet, Choi a Note 7 owner says that even if the phone was charging and showing the lightningimage on the battery, the phone kept losing 1 % of charge each second.
  • further investigated this drawback and discovered that a device with 75 % of charge dropped to 49 % when regarding40 minutes, despite being plugged in



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